Artist Statement

Drawing is everything to me.  I work with a narrative, my work tells a story.  I like stories that have intimate yet common implications. I often think of my work in terms of parables.  I am inspired by literature, poetry mostly, and I sometimes turn to stories that I grew up with, as well as stories that are revealed to me through life in DC and my former work as a counselor in a community mental health clinic. 

The exploration of character and personal narratives is of endless interest to me. As are contemporary humanist / social justice issues such as memory, loss, isolation, homelessness, hunger, trauma, connection.  And personal, internal themes such as the distances between us, reflection, watching, waiting, forgiving, grieving, pausing to look and listen.

I usually work with large paper, vellum, and cardboard, often in multiple panels like the pages of a book, using pencil, color pencil, and chalk because they evoke writing and narration.  Each panel stands on its own; together, a larger narrative emerges.

The result, I hope, is thoughtful, intriguing, accessible, and human.


Visit My Portfolio

Please visit my online portfolio to take a look at some of my artwork. Some samples are below …

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